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Vehicle Paint Protection Film

Your first line of defence against the inevitable.

The first scratch is the deepest – so protect your paintwork from scratches, stone chips, and scrapes with our high quality and most durable paint protection films. Keep your car newer for longer.

Almost any painted surface can be protected using our 3M Paint Protection Films. It helps protect the areas of your vehicle that are most vulnerable to damage, while creating a glossy finish. Its self-healing technology has superlative scratch and stain resistance. We are known for providing best  Vehicle Signages  in Adelaide.

What does paint protection film protect a vehicle from?

Gravel and other road debris can be launched at your car and can chip your paint

Sharp objects like keys, rings, watches, can scratch handles and doors

Bugs and bird droppings contain acids that eat away at the finish

How We Do It

Our applicators are experienced professionals using the best quality 3M paint protection film. Our installation expertise, combined with cutting-edge software, ensure form-fitting protection against problems such as scratches, stains, chipping, and yellowing.

At Signs SA, we are fully committed to customer service. We love what we do, and as certified 3M installers and signwriters, we pride ourselves on delivering quality installations beyond your expectations. Your vehicle is one of the biggest purchases you will make. Protect it now – call us for a free quote to apply paint protection film to your vehicle.

Benefits of Vehicle Paint Protection Film

  • Protect your investment and keep your car newer for longer!
  • Superior Scratch & Stain Resistance
  • Self-healing – most scratches will disappear
  • Durable & Maintenance-Free
  • Clear Film – virtually looks invisible
  • 7 Year Warranty*

Conditions apply.

Film Coverage Options

Bonnet Protection Package

Full Front Protection Package

Wear & Tear Protection Package

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