Custom Car Wraps

Turn your car into a Mobile Billboard with Custom Car & Vehicle Wraps in Adelaide.

As a business you are always on the lookout for creative promotional ideas which are cost effective at the same time. Custom Car wraps would fit into your bill perfectly as they grab instant attention and add to your business’ visibilitywith 24/7 advertising. Vehicle wraps involve covering your vehicle completely or partially in an advertisement or livery. Whether you deliver pizzas or install CCTV cameras, Custom car wraps in Adelaide can help you register your brand name and services in the minds of potential customers.

Signarama Salisbury is your one stop shop for vehicle wraps in Adelaide. With our state-of-the-art printing and laminating technology we can design and install wraps in your single vehicle or entire fleet. Our well-designed and printed wraps have increase sales inquiries for our customers. We install quality wraps that are vibrant in their appearance and withstand elements of weather.

Let us turn your car into a mobile advertisement platform.

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