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Case Studies

AV Locksmiths

Steve from AV Locksmiths dropped into our store just after New Year’s looking to really make an impact with vehicle graphics on a new van he had just purchased.

After visiting/speaking with his existing signage company it all became ‘a bit too hard’ as they simply didn’t listen to what he wanted & simply kept offering options that suited them – not him……sound familiar??

Thankfully he dropped into Signarama Salisbury & we were able to not only deliver expectations but EXCEED them. The look on Steve’s face when he seen the completed van for the first time was brilliant!

From our perspective the process was pretty simple:

  1. Initial meeting with Steve & his wife to discuss their vision, target market & budget. This involved our Graphic Designer so we could start building up a design brief & initial layouts We incorporated initial elements from the client along with an in-house concept of designing the rear double doors into a safe which opens through the middle to create the WOW factor!
  2. From there we submitted an initial design for comment
  3. Adjusted the design subject to client feedback
  4. Booked the install in for 7 working days’ time to allow production time
  5. Completed the install over 2 days to 3M vehicle graphics installation compliance guidelines

Put simply, our role in this case was to help bring a client’s vision to reality & then ‘take it up a notch’ using our experience & Design skills – looking at the images…..I think all parties can be VERY PROUD of the end result!

LED Signage

In today’s digital age we are seeing more & more companies looking for interactive ways to promote their business direct to clients – LED IS THE ANSWER.

Having seen the tremendous opportunities within this market over the last few years we have been importing screens direct from China for the last 3 years along with working with local suppliers to develop solutions.

Over this time we have assisted numerous schools by incorporating simple to manage LED screens into their entry & road signs. This then allows the school to constantly change/tailor messages to parents & potential clients on a weekly or even daily basis.

All of our screens are fully programmable which means you can schedule a safety message during school pick up/drop off time or a ‘lunch Special’ from 11am till 2pm only – the possibilities are endless.

The beauty of LED is that it’s always changing so potential clients are always interested in the next message & notice YOUR BUSINESS over you’re your competitors.

Given the pricing of LED today vs. 5 years ago……..you will be pleasantly surprised at just how cost effective LED can be. Using an example of the schools signs, these start from as little as $18,000 including a single sided 500mm x 2000mm fully programmable LED screen with Wi-Fi. We also have the exclusive option of Signarama Salisbury Finance which means you can pay off your screen whilst its making you money!!!!

With screens starting from .5m2 right through to 2000m2 – the sky’s the limit & with the introduction of our LED Trailers which are available for hire or purchase……why not “GET IN CLIENTS FACE” TODAY!

BBQ Buoys

After checking out our website, Martin & Andrea at BBQ Buoys approached us to be involved in their new business venture. They had a whole range of signage & advertising projects & were in need of a signage company to take them to the next step.

We collaborated with their graphic designer to work through the designs &after a bit of back & forth with the visuals & test prints we were able to take the designs from the computer screen to company branding. We wrapped their boats, & supplied them with an a-frame, as well as doing their vehicle & caravan signage. They’re now able to get a lot more exposure with their branding on show& driving around town.

Wrapping the buoys was a first for our team. When we first saw the project we were quite excited to get everything underway & after playing around with test prints & design alterations, our team & the clients are very pleased with the outcome.

We’ll definitely be seeing them soon down on the banks of the Torrens!

MATERIALS USED: Graphic Design skill set, full Adobe Suite of software, 3M vehicle graphics (as a licensed installer), a-frame.

DORMAKABA (formerly Dorma)

After doing several small projects locally in South Australia we were asked if we would like to tender for the national rebranding contract given Dorma’s name change to Dormakaba.

After tendering & successfully winning the contract based on our national network of over 105 locations throughout Australia we set about assisting Dormakaba design new vehicle livery (graphics) & laying out building signage.

One of the key points of difference between our offer & other submissions was our ‘left of field thinking’ on the vehicle graphics component. Given Dormakaba have over 400 vehicles in their fleet we forward produced over 100 vehicle graphic sets which will be stored at locations throughout Australia for installation as required. This is extremely important as we don’t always get advanced warning of new vehicle acquisitions from the dealers’ or a heads up on damage to existing vehicles from crash repairers.  For Dormakaba this means we have minimised the lead time in ensuring branding in maintained.

MATERIALS USED: Graphic Design skill set, 3M Vehicle graphics, digital media, routercut Forex letters, fabricated logos, acrylic receptions signs, and height access equipment for the installation team.

Flinders University

After hearing about our successful management of the University of South Australia contract over the last 9 months, the marketing department at Flinders University approached us about managing a few projects.

Our first opportunity came with the 50 year exhibition at the Festival Theatre.

In relatively short timeframes we were able to turn around 50 x window graphics & 50 x non-curl banners including customised hanging system.

Working closely with the design team at Metric we were able to achieve an outstanding result with a reusable product for future exhibitions.

This project highlighted our commitment to the end client. Everything we done was about ensuring the exhibition reflected positively on both Flinders University & Metric. Subsequently we have been handling the signage requirements for the team at Flinders University ongoing from that point.

MATERIALS USED: Graphic Design skill set, full Adobe Suite of software, anti-curl banner, in-house fabricated hanging system, HP Latex printer, digital media and installation team.


Gail for Legacy called our store after finding us online & she was initially after advice on how to create a STUNNING – WOW – BANG impact piece for the reception of Legacy South Australia. The brief was to create something amazing which they could record & acknowledge the generous donors to their charity.

In collaboration with Gail we utilised a tree concept they already had & developed a 3 dimensional theme using router cut plywood & 6mm frosted acrylic.

After several prototypes & attempts to get the colour of the tree correct we finally moved in to production. Given each piece was individually cut – assembly was like a giant jigsaw puzzle to make sure each leaf got affixed in the correct position…it was almost like a SURVIVOR IMMUNITY CHALLENGE!

However after all the hours (both via Legacy & Signarama Salisbury) of preparation, tests, samples & prototyping – the end result is absolutely stunning &is possibly one of the best jobs we have completed.

Its also a privilege to know that the Signarama Salisbury name will be on the tree forever as a sponsor!

MATERIALS USED: Graphic Design skill set, 10mm frosted acrylic, 6mm plywood, multi-mounts & clear spacers along with router cutting & adhesives.

M3Property Specialists

Rachel from M3Property contacted us for some wall art after finding us online. She and her colleagues wanted to “jazz” up a wall in the reception to create a more modern & exciting entrance, but also relate to Adelaide on some level.

One of our graphic designers worked with Rachel and her team to find the perfect image. The results speak for themselves, it looks fantastic!

A great way to create a fresh new look in your workplace.

MATERIALS USED: Graphic Design skill set, full Adobe Suite of software, PhotoTex Wall Graphic media.


Pocket Money Rewards

The team from Pocket Money Rewards approached us about ‘Building them a brand” for their mobile application which was in the development stages with due for release in 3 months.

Our qualified Graphic Designers sat down with the owners & discussed a brief, understood the target audience & then went about developing a branding package.

After agreeing on a logo our Designers then transferred the branding across flyers, business cards, tops & now vehicles.

Given the significant investment in developing a mobile application & the need to create a striking brand – we knew we had to get this right & WE DID…the client is wrapped with the result & as a business we are super excited about creating a brand which is now global.

We get to see our logo & branding strategy in the Google Play Store, iTunes, vehicles locally, flyers in cafes & all over Facebook now that South Aussie with Cosi & Triple M have jumped on board the product.

Well done to Ross & team – thanks for allowing us to be part of the journey. Who knows, we may have been part of creating the next ANGRY BIRDS.

MATERIALS USED: Graphic Design skill set, full Adobe Suite of software, 3M vehicle graphics (as a licensed installer), DL flyers & Business Cards.


Winterfields Float Hire

Winterfield transport were in the market for a new truck to add to their fleet & they were looking for a branding solution other than the usual paint work they’d been getting in the past so that when the time comes they can sell a nice clean white truck without having to fork out the cost for re-painting.

They asked us to come up with something a bit more modern but in keeping with the theme of what they currently had on the road. After a few design versions, we ended up being somewhere between the traditional linework& modern branding. With a bit of playing around with getting the colours right they were keen to get the first one of the new fleet underway.

We’ve now done a few new trucks for them recently & they’re looking great on the road. The great thing about them wrapping their trucks is the cost for install & removal is a huge saving against what they would previously outlay for painting & re-painting when the time comes to move the trucks on.

MATERIALS USED: Graphic Design skill set, full Adobe Suite of software, 3M vehicle graphics (as a licensed installer).

Uni SA

When Uni SA decided they no longer wanted to fund their own signage team, we and a few other large signage companies where asked to tender for the contract.

After many hours of hard work locking in fixed pricing and a strategy on how to make the transition as easy as possible for them we won the contract. We discussed weekly planning and order forms to make it clear for all people at the Uni what we required when taking an order.

We took over the existing equipment from the Uni SA signage team such as printers, benches, tools and name plates. This helped get us started with the extra work load and helped Uni SA clean out their old signage work shop.

We are now producing all of their signage throughout the 6 locations around South Australia. The transition has been almost seamless and is a credit to Uni SA and our team. From small door plate signage to large pylon signs it has kept us very busy!

MATERIALS USED: Graphic Design skill set, window graphic material, Painted aluminium framed signage, Opal acrylic lettering, Foam routered lettering.

Walk With Wings

After completing the signage on their new charity op-shop, the team at Walk With Wings had another project for us. They had a new company vehicle & wanted to get it all branded up.

Using the logo & elements from their building signage & other branding, our graphic designers worked with the client to come up with a great design that suited the vehicle just right & was within the client’s budget.

We think the car looks great – eye-catching graphics without being over the top & we’re looking forward to seeing out & about Adelaide.

MATERIALS USED: Graphic Design Skillset, full Adobe Suite of software, 3M vehicle graphics (as a licensed installer).