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Don’t let COVID-19 shut
down your business!

It is always better to be prepared
with protective or precautionary
products for your workspaces so
that both employees and customers
can be given the best safety
measures against the spread of

Custom sizes available on request

Protect your employees &

•Protect your staff members and customers
from a person sneezing or coughing that may be
infected with a cold and flu virus or other
transmissible infections (CoVid19).
• Manufactured from high quality 6mm clear
• The protective screen is great as a sneeze guard
+ germ barrier and acts as a physical barrier
allowing social distancing and workplace
• Includes a pass-through cut out window to
allow the controlled exchange of goods
• Removable feet for easy storage

Stay safe 1.5m apart social

Prevent your customers and staff members from getting too close.
A few Social Distancing Compliant stickers on the floor could assist in
saving your work place from being closed down due to the spread of
This adhesive decal is designed to indicate how far customers should
stand apart to avoid spreading germs.
– Non-slip
– Won’t damage your floors.
– Durable decals for short to medium term applications
– Can be customised to any size and options to include your logo

Custom sizes available on request

Custom sizes available on request

Premium Floor Decals

Digitally printed floor decals that read “STOP THE SPREAD / Stay
1.5m Apart” to remind people of the current recommendation from
the Department of Health.
Made from a high quality adhesive material, making it easy to apply
to a most surfaces.
– Non-slip (Australian Compliant approved)
– Won’t damage your floors.
– Extra grip compared to the standard material option
– High-quality, durable decals to withstand heavy trac areas.
– Can be customised to any size and options to include your logo