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Custom Memory Walls & Doors

Create a comfortable and personalised environment for your loved ones.

Custom memory walls, door or ceiling graphics for aged care, dementia or special needs environments assist in transforming blank or potentially dangerous spaces into comforting, reflective and soothing environments, which assist with delivering care.

Whether you are working in specialised care, running a facility or supporting a resident/family member – there has been conclusive evidence to suggest creating familiar spaces and soothing environments greatly assists a resident’s wellbeing, along with offering a level of comfort to loved ones.

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Wall graphics not only visually transform rooms and spaces, they also serve as landmarks for wayfinding or no-go areas.

Transform a bare space into a relaxed and familiar environment.

Putting loved ones into care is a tough decision to make, so any ‘personal touches’ make that transition easier for the resident, their family, and the facility. Personalising a Wall Murals graphic in a resident’s room immediately turns it into ‘their room’. Whether it’s an image of a golf course, the River Murray, a favourite holiday, first car, family home, family portrait, or seascape – the results and feelings created for all parties are immeasurable.

A small investment for someone so special

Our digitally printed graphics are re-positionable for up to 3 years and can be removed without damaging the surface they are
being applied to when and if they are no longer required. We can produce prints to any size from 1m to 200m long corridors. Our custom designed door & wall murals allow care facilities the opportunity to address several issues simply and at low cost.

Our Process

At Signarama Salisbury we pride ourselves in helping demystify the signage process for our customers.

One of our qualified graphic designers will work with you to create your customised graphic. Before anything is printed you will receive a visual of how the artwork will look to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding the result. Once approved installation normally occurs within 7 to 10 working days.

We have worked with organisations like Estia, SCOSA and the RSL in the past. As such, we appreciate the sensitivity involved in operating in this environment to ensure everything is handled in a professional and caring manner.

Ask us how our indoor signs can help create a better care environment for you and your loved ones.